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I'm Heather! And, well, I'm an artist who's into a lot of geeky things! Not much to really say-

"It never hurts to try"


That was more than enough motivation for him, as Heather soon found out since a familiar white light had announced her friend’s arrival right as her last words ended and she received a hardy wave.


She practically jumped in surprise, turning around to find the hedgehog now standing there. “It must’ve been a while, I forgot how fast you can be.” She chuckled, staring at him a moment as if looking him over. Making sure he really was in one piece.

Before she knew it, she was dropping to her knees and pulling the hedgehog in for the biggest hug she could give him, and she didn’t plan to let go until she made up for lost time. Or until she felt better, really. The reality of how, if everything had gone wrong, she wouldn’t be seeing him now.

She couldn’t stop Sonic from living a hero’s life, or just a dangerous one in general. So the times she did see her friend, she wanted to make sure it counted.

"I missed ya, blue." It really had felt like too long since she last saw the hedgehog.


In all fairness Heather wasn’t alone with that. It seemed everyday more and more people around the planet forgot just how much trouble the speedster could get into, and in fact had, doing what he did though the fault wasn’t all their own. More due to coincidence than not Sonic had never actually been hurt where too many people could see it, even the aforementioned incident had been fairly isolated - hell it still sent shivers down his spine thinking about what would have happened had a friend not come along when they did - and for whatever reason the hospitals were awfully quiet about such things.

Sonic didn’t understand, possibly never would, but it made things a little easier in the long run so he wasn’t complaining.

"Hm…" It was a sound of false consideration, of course the hedgehog wanted to visit and his voice couldn’t hide that fact. "I dunno, I’m pretty hungry. Ya might be able to convince me t’ pop in for lunch~"

Okay, he managed to get to a real laugh out of her. “Weeeellll, I did discover a kart recently that sells one of your favoriiiiiites~” That was as close to singing as he’d ever get from her.

"They’re only there about another hour though, so you better get here fast."


The speedster watched her for a second, some odd mixture of confusion and guilt running through him. Oh well too late to turn back now, Sonic supposed, what was done was done.

"Course, I’m here aren’t I? Takes more than that t’ write off this hedgehog~” Making a quick gesture to himself the hero gave his award winning grin and cocked his head to the side with a playful gleam in his eyes. “Plus, Robotnik couldn’t even get close enough t’ do anything like that and his ‘bots never stand a chance. Nope, it was somethin’ else and it caught me by surprise a few weeks before the hoildays but it won’t be happening again so no worries.” And there goes that carefree nature the hedgehog was renown for rearing its head again because it honestly had been a mistake on his part. One he didn’t plan to repeat.

No worries he says. Honestly she never seemed to fully understand how dangerous the life of a hero was. Yeah, she knew fighting and threatening situations were probably the norm, but it never really hits people how dangerous something is until someone gets hurt, nearly dies, or worse.

And if that so-called surprise had been any worse for the blue hero, then well, she didn’t want to think about it. Being from a different planet, she’d never have known. She’d never find out until it was far too late.

She lowered her communicator, putting it down at her side for a moment while she thought. Also to try and compose herself before the hero could hear or see. She had learned recently to stop taking things for granted, especially people. Because you might not see them again the next day.

She took a small breath to keep calm before raising the communicator back up to her. She wanted to be as carefree as Sonic about this, he made it sound like no big deal, but she couldn’t. She forced a smile, “Yeah, it better not.” A forced chuckle. Yeah, she just couldn’t.

"Hey, uh.. You know that emerald trick you do?" She tried her best to keep sounding casual, "Maybe you should use it to zap over here. Or me there, however it works. ‘Cause I mean, I haven’t seen you for a while and.. yeah."


In all fairness it was louder than Sonic had expected, a fact only shown by his ears flicking backwards as a hand went to scratch his chest, finger tracing over a very recent scar.

"We~ll, let’s just say I was caught in a crosshair." Yep that was way better than the blunt truth since somehow the hedgehog was willing to bet that Heather wouldn’t take it well that way, not that he expected much more now.

"A crosshair. Uh-huh, right." He was putting it nicely, and she knew. And normally, she’d try to be a little more calm about it. But lately, due to recent experiences, she wasn’t dealing with near death or heavily injured things so well.

"Are you okay?" Worry was clear in her voice, even though, again, she wanted to be as calm as Sonic was about it all. But that was hard with the worst flashing through her mind. She began to pace.

"Was it with that robot guy you’re always telling me about? How long were you there for?" Questions were readily pouring out of her mouth, her free hand practically cradling her wrist with the communicator to hold it closer as she spoke into it.

"Was this before or after you dropped your gift off?"


"Ye~ah, sounds about right t’ me. Can’t say I did too much either ‘sides race t’ get gifts out on time." Which he had, in fact, failed at but Heather didn’t need to know that. Besides he had gotten them all out which was already a improvement over last year, he was counting it as a personal victory. 

The hero’s brow quirked at her comment though he shrugged right after. “Hey, heroes go through that stuff too y’know, ‘s just that most people don’t realize it or don’t care and t’ prove my point and answer your question I had a pretty violent run-in with a Grey Face and ended up in the hospital for a while. Same old.”

She wasn’t saying heroes didn’t go through that kind of stuff. More, she felt that they went through worse. Which the hedgehog proved from his answer.

Hospital?!" Her voice was louder than she had intended, but what?

"What even happened!?"



The crack startle the speedster as well though, keeping true to his speedy ways, was quick to recover. More concerned about someone else rather than himself as always. Seeing Heather return to normal, more or less, Sonic cocked his head. “You okay there, Sweetheart? I’m sure the power’ll kick back on soon. You’d think with us being an advanced civilization and junk it wouldn’t take this long but…” The hedgehog shrugged, a sure sign he was clueless as ever before glancing to the window. It seemed the storm was passing by, slowly, at least. 

She nodded, “I’m good yeah, I’m— No, no I’m not.” Her nodding quickly turned to shaking her head, her hand feeling for the table next to her before gripping the edge of it tightly. “I was fine with just thunder— I mean I hate it but ya know, I can deal, but this, no no no.” She spoke quickly, trying to keep her breathing regular.

Knocking the flashlight off the table seemed to have also knocked the batteries out, making it very, very dark in the room. She lowered herself to the floor, hoping sitting would help. “Ya know how you hate water? I’m, well, I— I’m like that with the dark. I mean, I’m afraid of other things, but I can’t— I can’t handle the dark.” And with her eyes still trying to adjust to the loss of a light source, it wasn’t helping her at all.

Taking another small, shaken breath, she was trying her hardest to stay calm. “But it’s fine, it’s… fine.” Her heart was pounding so fast it was beginning to make her sick. She began feeling around for the batteries and flashlight, forcing a chuckle. “Some light would make this more fine, though.”

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"Oh ha ha." With a heavy dose of sarcasm the speedster rolled his eyes as said ear gave a little twitch in point. "And no, thanks. One is just about my limit, trust me. Plus this was something different."

And worse, not that he was too eager to tell her that and probably wouldn’t unless she pressed it because let’s face it hearing that one of your friends was shot point blank and spent the holidays in the hospital wasn’t the cheeriest story one could tell. Time for an attempt at a change of conversation.

"How were your holidays, by the way?"

"Stressful, exhausting, and not very jolly." She said, practically brushing over the details. Details she was honestly still recovering from and doubted Sonic would really want to hear. Depressing family issues and adult responsibilities that piled too high. Things were better now, but they were still being worked on.

"Probably boring in comparison to a hero’s life." Her own attempt to avoid telling him her story. “But back to you, exactly how different are we talking here?”

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"Excuse me, I think you dropped this."



"Hm?" He turned, not sure the voice was true, but there was a hand holding out his sonic. "Oh! Well thank you very much, uh . . ?" 

"To be fair, that was only used once.” The Doctor defended, but it was too late. She had moved on. He tapped at his chin again, listening carefully “I’m what the call a Gallifreyan. The last one, technically.”

She arched her brow. Gallifreyan? Never heard of such a word. “Like, the last one ever? What happened to the rest?”

 counttheimpossible asked:
"Excuse me, I think you dropped this."



"Hm?" He turned, not sure the voice was true, but there was a hand holding out his sonic. "Oh! Well thank you very much, uh . . ?" 

Which he did, motioning for her to come and walk beside him before they set off. 

"Spaceman it another nickname I used to have." He mused, a smirk crossing his face. "Haven’t heard it in a while though."

"Used to? I’d think that would be the most common one." She chuckled, "At least more than ‘Lonely God.’” She paused before looking up at him, “So, if you really are an alien, what kind are you? We covered that you’re not a Martian.”