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I'm Heather! And, well, I'm an artist who's into a lot of geeky things! Not much to really say-

"It never hurts to try"

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—“Now tell me…what brought you here and what do you want?”


"Oh! Um… Curiosity and.. I’m not sure what you mean by want?"

After all, she wasn’t looking for anything in particular. Just… Looking around. Though, she hadn’t expected to run into anyone in her snooping.

"Though, I guess I could be asking you the same thing."

It wasn’t often someone got to travel across the country. Let alone go to one of the most famous cities— New York! They say it’s the place where dreams come true, and that you see everything here.

What the girl hadn’t expected to see, was a dog wearing glasses and a bowtie, walking down the street on two legs like it was normal.

And what she really had not expected to do, was nearly crash into said dog when she was rounding the building’s corner.

"Sorry! I’m so s—" She had begun to apologies, when it clicked what she had just bumped into, and she couldn’t help but stare; amazed more than anything. Of course she didn’t mean to stare, but how could one not?


And she thought she’d be use to seeing strange things. Not to say she usually saw strange things, but when she thought about it, she had seen some pretty… interesting things lately.

Though what— or more who, didn’t seem like a thing. More like a man who got his head stuck in a TV. Odd fashion choice, but she wasn’t going to judge. Out loud, anyway.

Still, this… Gentleman was the only person she’s seen, so might as well ask, “Um… Excuse me? Sir?” She called out before approaching him, “Hi! Uh— Sorry to bother you, but I’m a bit lost here. Can you point me towards the nearest city, or town, or just… anywhere with transportation?”

5 Trespassers on Angel Island


Pure willpower allowed the echidna to sheathe the bared teeth that had grown accustom to seeing this kind around and going on the defensive.  Very few proved threatening but the echidna had marginally had his home abolished by one once and refused to let it happen again during his time.

Knuckles was still uncertain how they managed to reach his island, specifically this girl who seemed unable to stand on her own two feet for more than a second.  “How did you get here?”

She kept her hands raised, a sign to show she meant no harm.

"G… Get here? Uh…"

She wondered that every time she got anywhere. How did this keep happening anyway. She should probably pay more attention to that sort of detail. Especially when she found herself in situations like this one. Though, the last time she ended up… Wherever, she was at least met with a friendly face.

"Well, um.. Good question!" She chuckled, taking another step back.

"And before I answer, mind if I ask where exactly… here is, first?”

Just Follow the Parade [OPEN]


Music filled the air.

Drums, trumpets— dancers dressed as skeletons and fire breathers following in line. With banners and animals to make the uproar even bigger.

It was here. It had arrived.

Like from a dream, a parade came marching. Loud, dramatic, mystifying, a long conga line of something different from the group before it. Flowing like a river towards a pair of gates, a tented wall encircling what was beyond them. A carnival. With coasters and booths and performers running this way and that. And a big top in the very center.

"Welcome, welcome!" Called a voice at the front gates. Top hate pulled from the stringless, puppets’s head as he bowed to the gathering crowd, the parade making its way inside. Straightening up, hat back on head, he glanced around at the crowd from the small stage he stood on, projecting so all could hear.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and ghouls of all ages— It’s that time of year! The Dark Carnival, is once again here! Please do come inside! The best night of your life awaits! Step right up and purchase your ticket— But first!" He held up his hand, making the crowd pause before they could follow his instructions.

"We have a tradition here in the Dark Carnival. Every night, one lucky soul will be chosen to get a free pass for access to the entire fair!" With a twirl of his cane, he paused for dramatic effect, before pointing it straight into the crowd.

All heads turned, and the Ringmaster’s already pointed grin seemed to grow larger. “Ah, yes you there! Step right up!”

She rarely went to carnivals. Mainly because she was either too busy when one came around and missed it, or didn’t hear about it until it was too late. But this time— this time, she wasn’t going to miss out on any of the fun. A carnival had just arrived in town, and they were certainly making themselves known.

Though it was a bit… well, creepy. This little parade of dancing skeletons, but hey! You can’t be picky. A carnival was a carnival. Didn’t mean she had to see whatever theme they were trying to advertise. Plus, she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t into a little bit of dark themed stuff. What kind of artist would she be if she didn’t accept and dip into all forms of entertainment? Not to mention, checking out this thing would probably be a good place to get ideas for such ideas if she were to create anything in the future.

Only thing to do was follow the parade. Which wasn’t hard, a lot of people were. It felt like jumping into a tide that took you to shore. The show taking the crowd right to the gates of the carnival. Which, as she suspected, was indeed going for a creepy and dark theme. A large sign on top reading ‘THE DARK CARNIVAL.’ Simple, but effective.

As she pushed her way through the crowed, trying to get more to the front of the madness so she could go purchase a ticket inside, everyone began to fall to a hush as a voice rose clearly above everyone.

The girl stopped, watching the announcer. Glad he stood above the crowd. His costume amazed her; he looked like a wooden skeleton. Must’ve taken a long time to put all that make up on. Performance life could not be easy. He also knew how to hold a crowd by the looks of it. Granted, it was hard to look away, his face something very… different, to put it mildly. His eyes looked hollow, and his smile? Honestly it sent a few chills through her. Especially when he made eye contact with he—

..Was he looking at her? And pointing?

The girl stood there, dumbfounded. She turned left, right, looked behind her, then back up at the guy running this little show. Pointing at herself questionably, mouthing a little ‘me?’

5 Trespassers on Angel Island


"State your business or leave."

She nearly jumped out of her skin, she hadn’t expected to run into anyone. Talk about your friendly greetings.

WHA— Whoa, uh— hi! Um— C-curiosity, I guess?” Or more stumbling about and getting ‘lost.’ As usual. Not her fault everywhere new was so tempting to walk around.



And…Chomp~! The shark was victorious and one-sided cheering soon followed thanks to the clever hedgehog in charge of it all. Oh yes, and there was a bit of a victory dance from both parties. 

With a naturally playful nudge the Mobian smirked. “Oh well, better luck next time, Sweetheart~” 

Rolling her eyes, the girl nudged back. “Yeah, yeah, yu—”


A roar of thunder nearly sent the girl jumping out of her skin— or more, jumping back and hitting the table and knocking the flashlight down. Which in turn only startled her more and she nearly tripped over herself, a small scream escaping her.

She bit her lip with a small stop of her foot, a tad frustrated by her own fears. It had been a while since the last sign of thunder, so that at least meant it was moving further away. Hopefully. It would help if it wasn’t so dark. Honestly, anything would be better than the dark.

Recollecting her composure, she took a small breath, “How long before you think the power’ll come back?”

introduce your muse.

Name: Heather Culluna
Age: 21
Height: 5’2”
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Species: Human
Nationality: American
Positive Weaknesses (like tickling or cuddling): Rubbing her temples sends her into automatic relax mode, like she practically melts; It helps her sleep mostly.
Allergies: None
Fears: The dark, thunder, someone she cares about in a fatal situation, heights, being near a train track
How sickly they are: Every time the weather/season changed, she gets a cold right away.
How often do they hurt themselves: Never reaallly on purpose, if she can avoid it. But I’d say often.
Relationship Status: Single

Strange New World || counttheimpossible [Closed]


A delighted laugh followed that answer and Sonic followed right along after her. 

Now the hedgehog had been to quite a few castles in his travels, genuine castles that is not just the ones like the one they were entering or the ‘haunted' one a few zones over, and he had to admit that despite the 'carnival attraction' feel of this one the details were pretty spot on. The stone bricks, tiled floors, lighting. It seemed like the real deal until you got to the bright red carpet and huge open space with a giant pool in one corner and several doorways in any which direction under a suddenly starry night sky.

"Kinda forgot to mention the fact that this place is huge,” Sonic added nonchalantly once he caught up. It was the park, in a sense, after all. “And that I’m not even sure which way is which~” 

To say she was in marvel was an understatement. This place suddenly seemed so much bigger on the inside. Though, that could be due to the illusion of a night sky, but it didn’t change how cool this place was.

She looked back at the hedgehog, giving him a look for his obvious skill in direction and sense of planning. She didn’t mind, of course. After all, it was just a giant fun house. The point was to not know where you were going. Especially if you were to end up in a hall of mirrors.

Turning fully to face her so-called ‘guide’, she put her hands on her hips, grin never faltering, “Well then, if you had to take a guess, which door would you put a hall of mirrors behind?”

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